Teaching and Learning via Technology: Digital Feedback in Grammar and Academic Writing Courses Can Be Personal and Effective

  • Presentatör: Adam Gray
  • Språk: Engelska
  • Rumsvärd: Anne-Charlotte Ek
  • Typ av session: Presentation, 30 min
  • Lärosäte: Malmö universitet
  • Länk till presentationen:



Writing proficiently is a skill expected of students entering university, yet many students are unable to write grammatically within their units of study. Firstly, examinations (salstentor) possibly test more the student’s ability to do well on a certain form of examination. However, academic writing praxis requires students to write correctly. Nonetheless, many students write poorly. The problem seems to be that learning activities and assessment forms do not lead some students to reach the learning outcomes of grammar courses.

Additionally, written formative-feedback has been proven to be limited in its scope and content, with time being a limited resource, resulting in written feedback often being unclear, vague, and confusing. However, feedback using screen-capture videos can be more effective than written feedback, particularly for formative-evaluations, creating beneficial synergy between learning-activities and learning-outcomes. Notwithstanding evidence, the consensus of many teachers is that written-feedback is faster than video-feedback, so screen-capture video is seldom used.

This presentation makes three points: grammar courses need both formative and summative evaluation that test students’ use of grammar primarily in their own writing, using only essay writing as a learning-activity and an assessment method; video screen-capture enhances feedback and using feedback via screen-capture video instead of written-feedback is a superior method of formative evaluation, saving time and helping students reach learning outcomes; finally, filming lectures with embedded power-points, making them available to students, can be important for formative feedback. These time-saving methods have been applied to two courses at Malmö University, i.e. “Basic English Grammar Skills for University” and “Basic English Writing and Presenting Skills for University”. The presentation will include videos and demonstrations of how video screen-capture is being used both in and outside of the classroom.

Key words: context-based evaluation, digital formative-feedback, problem-based learning, video screen-capture